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Impact Stories: One Gift Can Change Everything

Philanthropic investment can completely transform the heights students, faculty and researchers can reach. A gift can fulfill aspirations, empower talent and bring immense change to our university and our world. Explore our stories below to see the impact a single gift can create.

A Will to Ensure Change

It was time to give back, he decided. As David Gubser started to revise his will, he began to think of the causes that meant most to him. In the wake of the hate-based shootings


Scripps Institution of Oceanography: A Century of Unlocking the Mysteries of the Sea

The Hotel del Coronado boathouse was not the most ideal place to conduct a biological survey. Built on wooden pilings over the bay, the structure was not steady enough for microscopic work, and there was


A Class of Pioneers

Inaugural class of Chancellor’s Associates Scholars Program celebrates graduation It has been four years since the idea took shape. A unique scholarship program that would open doors to local San Diego high school students who


Sanford Stem Cell Clinical Center: Translating the Power of Stem Cells into Treatments

Stem cells are tiny, microscopic in fact. Yet they hold immense power in their ability to become almost any kind of cell in the human body. This capacity for metamorphosis means that stem cells can