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Impact Stories: One Gift Can Change Everything

Philanthropic investment can completely transform the heights students, faculty and researchers can reach. A gift can fulfill aspirations, empower talent and bring immense change to our university and our world. Explore our stories below to see the impact a single gift can create.

Summer Math Program Prepares First Generation Freshmen for Success

Ilhan Nunow grew up in the Oak Park neighborhood of San Diego, where her parents had settled as refugees from Somalia. As a high school student, Nunow was drawn to learning about the smallest parts


Natalie’s Wish

On her twelfth birthday, Natalie Stack made a wish—to make her disease go away forever. As an infant, she was diagnosed with cystinosis, a rare genetic defect which causes damage to the kidneys, liver and


Holocaust Survivor’s Message of Love Prevails through Memorial Gift

Holocaust survivor Lou Dunst could have lived life consumed by anger after his experiences during World War II. He had been left for dead in an Austrian concentration camp when U.S. troops broke through the


Graduate Student Research Goes Big with a Boost

Dustin Richmond, a graduate student in computer science and engineering, builds complex computer hardware systems with the power to process large data sets, such as the data involved with DNA sequencing. In his first year,