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UC San Diego faculty and staff prefer the path less traveled. We lead by example through our personal commitment to the work we do and by supporting an ever-evolving and always improving UC San Diego experience with our philanthropic investments.

Every gift of any amount to any fund counts!

All faculty and staff gifts help UC San Diego achieve excellence! By supporting your passion with an annual gift, you’ll be joining fellow faculty and staff donors in the Campaign for UC San Diego.

Faculty and Staff Participation
Your Passion!
Your Gift!
Your Impact!

Your Passion!

When you support your passion, you’re helping transform the student experience, our campus, and ultimately humanity.

Your Gift!

By making a gift, you express your belief in UC San Diego and support our world-renowned university. You may designate your gift of any amount to support any fund.

Your Impact!

You enhance the student experience; enrich our campus community; spark research and innovation, and show that you care about UC San Diego.

Dr. Charles Tu

“UC San Diego provided me a fulfilling research career, and I am proud to support the California State Summer School on Mathematics and Science (COSMOS) on campus. This program brings high school students in residence whom require financial assistance.”

– Dr. Charles Tu – Distinguished Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering – Faculty and Staff Giving Council – Faculty Chair

Margaret Rattanachane

“UC San Diego has given me the ability to make an impact in many ways. As an aluma, I embrace Triton pride in everything I do. Giving back allows me to stay connected to programs that support our students, research and community.”

— Margaret Rattanachane ’13 — Program and Faculty Assistant Education Studies Faculty and Staff Giving Council – Staff Chair