Student Support and Success

Central to our mission of paving the path for the world’s next leaders and convention breakers is our commitment to enhance the campus experience. This is vitally important as we anticipate the growth of our student population over the next decade. Our burgeoning math, writing, critical reflection and experiential programs will support and ensure our future students’ success — both at UC San Diego and in the world beyond.


For nearly 60 years, we’ve been educating, encouraging and creating the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs, researchers, policy makers, scholars, engineers and healers. Help support our future changemakers through merit- and need-based scholarships to make learning accessible and affordable for all.



Graduate scholars play a vital role in advancing solutions to the most pressing issues facing our state, nation and world. Your gift to fund graduate fellowships will strengthen our ability to competitively recruit and retain promising, innovative graduate students in a diverse range of disciplines.


Access and Success Programs

As UC San Diego expands our undergraduate population by thousands of students in the next decade, we will ensure their success by providing writing, critical reflection, math and science support programs, as well as experiential, service and hands-on learning opportunities. Help us maximize the academic potential of all students as we prepare them to become global and innovative problem solvers.


Experiential Learning

From community service to internships and study abroad, experiential learning opportunities help bridge the gap between theory and practice. With your support, our students can develop important transferable skills for competing in the job market or vying for professional or graduate school admission.



UC San Diego is unique among UC campuses in that we offer a “small college” experience in a large university setting. Each of our six colleges provides undergraduate students a community with its own residence halls, student services, traditions and even graduation ceremonies. You can help our students by supporting student scholarships and unrestricted college funds.