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Impact Stories: One Gift Can Change Everything

Philanthropic investment can completely transform the heights students, faculty and researchers can reach. A gift can fulfill aspirations, empower talent and bring immense change to our university and our world. Explore our stories below to see the impact a single gift can create.

A Promise Undeterred by a Pandemic

On Sept. 9 a record-breaking Digital Day of Giving fundraiser was held by The Preuss School to support the dreams of its scholars. The charter middle and high school, located on the UC San Diego campus, serves low-income scholars who strive to become the first in their families to graduate from college.


Strengthening Commitment to Comprehensive Neurological Care

People with chronic neurological conditions like multiple sclerosis (MS) understand how frustrating it can be to determine the best treatment strategy and plan for the future — sometimes even just to feel heard.


Redefining an Accessible Education

At UC San Diego, we have always known that our students depend on us for more than their education, but the current COVID-19 public health crisis demands that we rethink their scope of needs in


Join Us in the Fight Against COVID-19 — and Help Those Affected by It

UC SAN DIEGO’S COVID-19 RESPONSE The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every facet of our lives, from health care infrastructure to educational delivery to interactions with family and friends. In response, UC San Diego has