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A Promise Undeterred by a Pandemic

  • Posted onSep 29, 2020

On Sept. 9 a record-breaking Digital Day of Giving fundraiser was held by The Preuss School to support the dreams of its scholars. The charter middle and high school, located on the UC San Diego campus, serves low-income scholars who strive to become the first in their families to graduate from college.

Redefining an Accessible Education

  • Posted onMay 19, 2020

At UC San Diego, we have always known that our students depend on us for more than their education, but the current COVID-19 public health crisis demands that we rethink their scope of needs in

An Active Life, Restored

  • Posted onFeb 10, 2020

Experiencing the benefits of highly specialized orthopedic surgery at UC San Diego Health   Sixty-five-year-old San Diegan Mark Collins enjoys meeting up with his hiking buddies once a week for a long local hike. Many

San Diego Women Making the World a Better Place

  • Posted onOct 29, 2019

Philanthropy is about more than giving money – it is about giving time, leadership and vision. And for women like Mary Ann Beyster, Carol Littlejohn Chang and Amina Sheik Mohamed, passion for education, underserved populations,

Humble Beginnings Drive Generous Giving

  • Posted onMar 15, 2019

A year before Sandy Timmons planned to go to college, her father lost his job in the aerospace industry. Any expectations Sandy had for family financial help to pursue higher education evaporated as a result.

Campaign Timeline

  • Posted onAug 23, 2018

Campaign Timeline The Campaign for UC San Diego began in 2012 with a goal to “continue the nontradition.” This timeline chronicles the moments and milestones that have played a key role in the success of