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Join Us in the Fight Against Coronavirus—and Help Those Affected by It


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This is a critical moment in the COVID-19 pandemic, where individual actions can have an immediate positive impact on our ongoing institutional and global efforts. To fortify our efforts and enable an agile and integrated response, we have established the UC San Diego COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund to be able to address the most pressing needs as they emerge.


Thanks to a generous $350,000 challenge grant from The Conrad Prebys Foundation, we have the opportunity to come together and double our impact as we prepare for the pandemic’s peak. By securing the pipeline of testing kits for our caregivers and patients, ventilators, hospital beds, and supplies for surge facilities, we can ensure our response to COVID-19 remains agile.

For every dollar you give to the UC San Diego COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund, a dollar will be matched by the Foundation, up to $350,000.


As UC San Diego mobilizes a holistic response to the community and health challenges of the coronavirus, we are more aware than ever before that our students rely on us for far more than their education.

By making a gift to the Student Support and Success Fund, you can help us protect the academic, financial, and health needs of all our students — from unexpected travel expenses to basic needs to virtual learning support — and provide compassion and care that reminds them that we are all in this together.


We have an integrated strategy to address COVID-19 involving clinical care, research, and supporting the UC San Diego and greater San Diego communities.

At UC San Diego, our clinical team is on the front line of this disease outbreak and our top clinical infectious disease specialists are working side by side with our scientists. Our immediate priority is to support our clinical team by dramatically expanding clinical testing so they can rapidly identify infected individuals among their patients and staff, including those who have mild or no symptoms, and slow the spread of this disease. We are also launching clinical research projects with the potential to improve the efficiency of our local, national, and global response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, as well as efforts to develop new diagnostics, therapies, and ways to track the virus through the environment so we can minimize exposure. Finally, we anticipate that the economic impact of this virus will negatively impact many members of our community and seek to support them in the challenging times that may lie ahead.


Expanding clinical testing

  • In collaboration with corporate partners, deploy and validate newly developed clinical tests
  • Develop new COVID-19 tests to provide low-cost, rapid results (<1 hour)
  • Develop home testing kits for COVID-19

Developing new therapies for treatment and vaccine

  • Identify and test new drugs by drawing on our wide array of drug discovery pipelines and clinical testing capabilities to develop new drugs to improve the outcome of infected patients and health care workers
  • Develop monoclonal antibody therapies and vaccines by drawing upon our expertise in immunology

Understanding the COVID-19 virus

  • Study the viral replication cycle and the role played by genetic variation in disease progression and transmission from animals to humans by drawing upon our expertise in virology and genetics to better understand this family of dangerous viruses and prepare for the next variant with pandemic potential
  • Understand the role the immune system plays in disease progression and the mechanisms by which preexisting conditions increase the probability of infection and/or severe disease

Improving environmental and community health

  • Study COVID-19 exposure and transmission using cutting-edge technologies with high sensitivity to better understand exposure pathways indoors, outdoors, on surfaces, water, air, and animals
  • Deploy molecular epidemiological approaches to track the spread of the disease and incorporate new COVID-19 diagnostics into existing cohort studies, as well as launching new studies

UC San Diego’s expertise in improving public health and fighting infectious disease are a critical part of our ability to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and are vital to ongoing efforts to improve the health and well-being of our community and our world.


As the situation with the disease COVID-19 continues to evolve, UC San Diego is committed to the health and safety of our alumni, students, faculty, staff, patients, visitors, and friends. For more information about how UC San Diego is responding to the spread of coronavirus, please visit coronavirus.ucsd.edu.


As our world continues to address COVID-19 through social distancing and other measures, it is more important than ever to remain informed and maintain social connections. The following resources and messages from our experts, partners, and alumni are designed to help all members of our community through this challenging time.

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