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Graduate Student Research Goes Big with a Boost

Dustin Richmond, a graduate student in computer science and engineering, builds complex computer hardware systems with the power to process large data sets, such as the data involved with DNA sequencing. In his first year, Richmond worked with technology company Cognex to design an ultra-high-speed image processing pipeline—specifically for active 3D scanners—that could decompress and process 20,000 images per second.

“I like the applications side of my work because I get to help people, and learn new fields,” said Richmond. “I help them access the computational power that enables fellow researchers to work with really large data sets.”

In recognition of his work, Richmond was awarded a fellowship from the San Diego chapter of the ARCS Foundation for the 2014-15 academic year. A national nonprofit led entirely by women, the ARCS Foundation is dedicated to boosting American leadership in science and technology by supporting promising undergraduate and graduate students. Since its inception in 1985, the San Diego chapter has awarded nearly $5 million to graduate students at UC San Diego.

The ARCS awards provide unrestricted funding which students may use to further their research, cover travel expenses or meet other financial obligations. In addition, recognition as an ARCS Scholar gives students access to a network of talented researchers in academia and industry.