A Will to Ensure Change

It was time to give back, he decided. As David Gubser started to revise his will, he began to think of the causes that meant most to him. In the wake of the hate-based shootings that occurred last year at an Orlando, Fla., nightclub with a largely gay clientele, Gubser resolved to offer support to local LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) programs. Among his plans, he established a $200,000 endowment through his estate that will support scholarships for LGBT students as well as Critical Gender Studies majors at UC San Diego.

Although Gubser had no prior affiliation with UC San Diego, he chose to “adopt” the university as a focus for his support, along with several other local educational institutions and LGBT community organizations. His endowment will provide continuous funding in perpetuity, supporting many generations of students as they grow to become dedicated advocates of equality and justice.

In addition to the endowment, Gubser also provided a $10,000 gift toward the internship program at the UC San Diego LGBT Resource Center last summer. The donation will fund two social justice interns.

“Mr. Gubser’s gift will tremendously help further expand the reaches of social justice education at UC San Diego,” said Vanessa Villacorta, a UC San Diego student and social justice education intern at the LGBT Resource Center. “The difference that this gift makes will be present in the inclusive campus environments that will be fostered at UC San Diego as our new social justice education interns facilitate educational workshops for student organizations across the university.”